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Tom Robinson - Wednesday, April 14, 2010
..Cafe Trussardi, Milan
Trussardi Group specialise in luxury clothing and accessories, for both men and women, and with their foray into restaurants, also art and design.

At 'Cafe Trussardi' they have brought nature inside via a green roof accent and expansive skylights.  The combination of old and new architecture and interior decor sit easily beside the other.  Ben fatto Trussardi!

Bvlgari Resort Bali
..and speaking of Italian's who always get it right - inspiration can be found everywhere at Bvlgari Resort's new foray into Indonesia. 

Wet edge pools in private villas blend into the sea...

Water features abound,

Cascading Walled Gardens

Simply put - a class act.


Tom Robinson - Monday, December 14, 2009
Your own style can work well in the garden, without it looking like a dog’s breakfast!  We do it all the time - compromise that is. Finding a garden style that suits you and your outdoor environment is what we do best. There’s no point in wishing for a strictly formal French garden only to find it needs constant watering, 10 plus hours per week hedging, and 5 years patience while it takes form! Where’s the fun in that? What if I were to tell you that you can have it by the end of the week?  All it takes is some expert advice, a quick landscape sketch design, good plant selection and a band of merry men to install it. We promise that you will love it, your spouse will love you (next to no garden maintenance!) and the Council will love you also (for abiding by the unrelenting water restrictions in place). Take a look at one of our past ‘Formal French’ gardens, adapted to suit our sub-tropical environment. Can you tell the difference between the ‘real McCoy’ and one that’s been adapted to suit it’s environment?

Noosa Springs Formal French Entry - Copyright Tom Robinson Living Landscapes

Below is a Formal French garden from Paul Bangay’s book, ‘The Defined Garden’ - a genius in all things ‘formal’ his gardens always provide inspiration…

Picture courtesy of Paul Bangay garden from his book ‘The Defined Garden’.

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